Comprehensive promotion
of tourist destinations
and products
in the Russian market
We develop and implement promotion strategies in both B2B and B2C segments
We streamline the process of introducing your product to the target audience (BTL)
We tailor client's communication with buyers in the regions
We can handle projects of any complexity
Our skilled team is ready to tackle a wide range of tasks, from organizing roadshows to developing marketing concepts/strategies.

Do you have a request or an idea? Reach out to us, and we'll help make it happen.
Promotional and Event Activities
  • Event marketing
    Workshops, roadshows, presentations, business breakfasts; B2C festivals «Day of Country»
  • Branding and promotional campaigns
    Advertising capmaigns, catalogues, guide-books, photo exhibitions, etc
  • Learning
    Educational destination and product programs
Amazing Thailand Roadshow 2023. Irkutsk - Krasnoyarsk - Novosibirsk
Myanmar presentation in Novosibirsk 2023
International Workshop «Embassy Court» by STI in Novosibirsk 2021
Representative Office Activities
  • Development and implementation of destination/product promotion strategy
  • Implementation of marketing and PR activities in the regions of the Russia
  • Promotion of niche and highly segmented products
  • Market research and competitor analysis

The official Representative Office of Tourism Authority of Thailand in Siberia and the Far East. 2008 - 2020

Market growth: increase in regional tourist traffic to Thailand from 20,4 thousand in 2009 to 480 thousand in 2019

Strengthening of relations with local Tour operators and Travel Agents: 40+ B2B events (roadshows, webinars, participation in workshops, fam trips)

Increasing brand awareness for 'Amazing Thailand': 20+ B2C promotional campaigns (festivals, advertising campaigns, press tours, photo exhibitions, photo contests)

Marketing and Consulting
  • Development of concepts and roadmaps
  • Consultations on destination and product promotion
  • Market research
Concepts and Roadmaps 2021-2023

Unified Digital Infrastructure of Siberian Regions. Concept. February 2021, ordered by Interregional Associataion «Siberian Agreement»


Unified Event Calendar of Siberia. Concept. February 2021, ordered by Interregional Associataion «Siberian Agreement»


The concept of operation of the municipal autonomous cultural institution «Siberia-Hokkaido» in the tourism sector (Tourist Information Center of Novosibirsk). December 2022, ordered by MACI «Siberia-Hokkaido»


Marketing tools recommended for promoting interregional tourist products of Siberian regions. Concept. February 2021, ordered by Interregional Association «Siberian Agreement»


Roadmap for collecting, preparing, and submitting documents for a Grant Competition for the Design of City Turcode Centers. January 2023, ordered by MACI «Siberia-Hokkaido»

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Regular B2B events organized by STI
More than 250 of regular B2B events in 15 cities across Siberia, the Urals, and the Far East: Workshop STI, International Workshop «Embassy Court» by STI, Luxury Workshop STI, SKI Workshop STI
12 years of work as an official representative of TAT
12 years of successful work as an official representative of the Tourism Authority of Thailand: B2B roadshows; B2C festivals «Thai Day»; branded Amazing Thailand wagons in the Novosibirsk metro; photo exhibitions, etc
The educational program «Expert on Korea»
The program «Expert on Korea», ordered by the Korea Tourism Organization, encompasses the creation of a comprehensive B2B product guide, the development of an engaging presentation, and the facilitation of specialized seminars in 20 cities across Russia. The program culminates with a thorough assessment of seminar participants, numbering over 750, and the selection of the best experts for a fam trip
The high level of professionalism displayed by your team, their impeccable preparation for all joint events, productive meetings with tour operators and agents, as well as the positive working relationships and your willingness to always assist in guaranteeing the success of all presentations, workshops, and roadshows, are the crucial factors that ensure the ongoing success of our collaboration...
The Marketing Alliance «Visegrad Four» (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Korea Tourism Organization would like to express its deep gratitude and immense appreciation to STI, Regional Information and Analytical Center, for their outstanding efforts in preparing and executing the all-Russian marketing campaign «Expert on Korea». We would also like to extend a special thanks to the team of STI for their prompt and high-quality work, as well as the accuracy and professionalism demonstrated by their staff members...
Korea Tourism Organisation, Moscow office
Based on years of experience collaborating and participating in various events organized by them, the STI team is highly professional and possesses a profound understanding of the regional tourism sector. They demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the objectives of each event and its participants, effectively applying their knowledge and expertise to ensure the successful achievement of these objectives…
The Representative office of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic in Russia, Ukraine, and CIS countries
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